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  • Easy Access: Remote Use

    Based on the Kylin secured cloud system, NSCC-GZ can provide virtual machines to you remotely. Tianhe-2 Cloud Platform is at your service anywhere anytime as you can manage your own virtual machines via the Internet.

  • Cost Effective: Tailored Resource Supply

    We provide tailored resource service according to the configuration and number of the virtual machines you need, which minimizes your cost.

  • Absolute Safe:All-round Protection

    All-round protection is achieved via identity confirmation, multi-layer fire wall, user behavior management, encrypted data transmission, dynamic mount, etc.

  • Virtual Machine Rental Service

    Recommended configuration vCPU memory storage
    Mini virtual machine 4 cores 8G 100G
    Small virtual machine 8 cores 16G 100G
    Medium virtual machine 12 cores 32G 100G
    Large virtual machine 24 cores 64G 100G

    Contact us to know the prices!
  • Rendering Service

    NSCC-GZ has co-operated with the Communication University of China to provide our users with a powerful online animation rendering cloud (visit http://render.vsochina.com to know more)。

    Product Information

  • Extensive Resource to Support Ultra-Large Scale Rendering

    With a maximum storage of 15 PB,Tianhe-2 provides the extensive resource needed for our rendering cloud to support ultra-large scale rendering clusters. Moreover, the highly extensible rendering task scheduling software supports up to 2000 nodes performing rendering tasks.

  • User-Friendly

    The whole work flow is based on WEB, through the Internet/LAN users can submit and monitor their rendering tasks as well as view the outcome.

  • Effective and Reliable

    I/O performance is ensured as the rendering system supports different storage modes and networks ( DAS, NAS,NAS gateway, link aggregation, multi-gateway load balanced, parallel filing system), effectiveness and reliability are thus achieved.

  • Safe

    With a powerful user management and data segregation system, a comprehensive user authority management mechanism is built, in which users are assigned different authorities in the system, achieving multi-layer user management.

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