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  • Adequate Computing Resources

    Tianhe-2 is equipped with 17,920 nodes, each containing two 12-core Xeon E5 CPU with three 57-core Xeon Phi coprocessor (MIC). There are a total of 1.4PB of system memory and 12.4PB of storage.

  • Fastest Computing Speed

    Tianhe-2 has a speed of 33.9PFlops and a peak performance of 54.9PFlops. Its adequate computing resources and fastest computing speed is the best accelerator of your research projects.

  • Save Time and Cost

    Tianhe-2 provides an on-demand service. Computing resources are available at any time and can be allocated tailored to your needs, which helps save costs and time and makes it easier for you to advance in your professional field.

  • Safety

    Users can log in to Tianhe-2 through VPN. We take various measures to guarantee the safety and reliability of the system.

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Note: The prices above only include cost of computing with open source or self-developed software. For more information about the pricing of commercial software,please contact us at 020-37106022.