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Application Department

The Application Department of NSCC-GZ provides our users with a comprehensive package of technical services, including the optimization, operation and management of users’ applications.


1.Keep track of users’ demands, and help them with the adaption, transmission, optimization and operation of their applications.

2.Configure and deploy a comprehensive software environment for Cloud-HPC applications.

3.Provide the users with one-stop application service including technicalconsultation, resolution approachment, optimization and operation management.

4.Undertake the R&D of Cloud-HPC applications.

Market Department

The function of the Market Department of NSCC-GZ is exploiting the market of supercomputing applications, including identifying and cultivating potential customersand guiding to them to NSCC-GZ’s service.


1.Exploit the market of Cloud-HPC.

2.Marketing and Sales 

3.Customer management

4.Project management

5.Public relations and publicity

6.Assist the making of marketing strategies based on the market intelligence and information of government policies collected

7.Cost accounting

Research and Development Department

The Research and Development Department is set to undertake the R&D of Cloud-HPC technologies.

System Department

The system Department is responsible for the management of 1) the Tianhe-2 supercomputer system, including the operation system, the resource management system, the HPC environment and the data pool; 2) the operation and maintenance of the hardware of computing nodes, the equipment of the high-speed inter-connection system as well as the hardware of the mainframe system; 3) the maintenance of the distributed filing system and the storage array; 4) the management and maintenance of the system intranet; 5) the management of the network system and its security system; 6) the maintenance of all basic equipment and the environment of the computer rooms.

Training Department

The Training Department’s duty is to cultivate Cloud-HPC professionals and to popularize Cloud-HPC. It organizes technical training sessions (for both the users and the staff) as well as collaborative educational training.

General Affairs Department

The General Affairs Department assists the board of directors to coordinate the operation of the centre, including establishing and implementing management regulations and working plans.


1.Human resource management

2.Financial management

3.Property management

4.Official document and files management

5.Organization of meetings, conferences and propaganda activities

6.Party affairs and Labor Union affairs


8.Management of all informatization systems including the OA, the website, etc.

9.Science and Technology information management

10.Intellectual property management