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Under the strong support of Guangzhou Municipal Government and Panyu District Government, National Supercomputer Centre in Guangzhou (NSCC-GZ) holds high the banner of “Mass Innovation and Entrepreneurship”. Through the collaboration with Guangzhou High-tech Entrepreneur Service Center and Guangzhou Panyu Information Technology Investment & Development Co. Ltd, NSCC-GZ is constructing a computational science and big data industrial park in Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center (HEMC). This industrial park is to fulfill the following 5 missions:
1.To fully exploit the technical platform of Tianhe-2 and its strategic guidance for emerging industries.
2.To accelerate the gathering of innovation and entrepreneurship resources in HEMC.
3.To promote the next generation information technologies and their applications in HEMC, such as High Performance Computing, Big data, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, and “Internet Plus” technologies.
4.To cultivate hi-tech projects & innovative enterprises with the potential to lead the development of the industry.
5.To create a world-leading Cloud-HPC industrial chain.
NSCC-GZ will serve as the infrastructure providing Cloud-HPC support for incubation in the industrial park, while the Infiniti Group of Israel and Qidi Venture Capital Company of Tsinghua University will provide financial support for the construction of the industrial park and its incubator.

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