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Platform Introduction

Smart City and Cloud Computing


As one of the six application service platforms Of NSCC-GZ, the Smart City and Cloud Platform, which combines cloud computing, big data and IoT with the hardware resources of Tianhe-2,provides powerful support to the construction and development of smart city. In the new era of“Internet +” and “Mass innovation, peoples entrepreneurship", NSCC-GZ’s Smart City and Cloud Platform endeavors to support the development of emerging industries, and to bring out the full power of "Cloud-HPC" so as to fulfill NSCC-GZ’s mission of pushing forward the economic and social progress by accelerating the development of science and technology.


Currently, the deployments of the Smart City and Cloud Platform on "Tianhe-2" has reached over 6000 compute nodes. The cloud platform, which is flexible, resilient, stable and reliable, meets the need of high-performance computing and compatibility. Also, it provides reliable services for animation rendering, e-government, e-commerce, simulation, industrial manufacturing and so on.

Software stack

Based on the powerful computing resource pool of “Tianhe-2”, the Smart City and Cloud Platform constructs a cloud ecosystem with on-demand resource provisioning, which provides the users with easy access to the system’s instances and storages. Also, it enables the users to choose different types of operating system and configurations, which is flexible, safe ,effective, loadbalanced and of high-availability.

Figure 1 cloud platform logic chart